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NutriGenie's mission is to create quality nutrition software for better health.

In addition to numerous top ratings from software reviewers, in 1995, we received the Home PC Editors' Choice: Top 100 Products of the Year Award. No other nutrition software company ever received comparable distinctions.

Our nutrition software products have been licensed by health organizations, universities, physicians and individual users throughout the world. With users in over 50 countries , NutriGenie is undisputedly the world's leading nutrition software publisher. While most competitive programs are limited to local distribution, NutriGenie software has been universally acclaimed as the best of its kind and translated into Italian, Croatian, Greek, Czech and German--with other international versions in development.

We publish software for general nutrition as well as for specific medical conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, kidney diseases, obesity, hypertension, and for special diets such as ketogenic diet, carbohydrate-restricted diet (Atkins diet), zone diet, glycemic index diet, sugar busters, protein power, etc.

Some of the unique features of our nutrition software programs include their ability to automatically generate balanced menus based on calorie requirements and their graphic analysis of diet based on the USDA Food Guide Pyramid. Newer versions of our software, such as Optimal Nutrition, can evaluate your daily diet and give it a star rating making the task of preparing a healthy diet easy and enjoyable. The user interface has been carefully designed so that all important nutrition information is presented on one main screen and use of keyboard to enter food data is kept to the minimum.

Please browse through our product catalog and download sample software for evaluation.

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International nutrient databases: French, Italian, Czech and Greek

Our software is compatible with all 32-bit versions of Windows, including Windows 7. If you run the 64-bit version of Windows 7, you need Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate to use its XP mode. Please install our free trial software and evaluate it fully before purchasing.

If you need nutrient analysis software for 64-bit Windows, please visit Health-Diet.us for their latest catalog.


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