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NutriGenie Calorie Counter for Windows

Sophisticated calorie counter with NutriGenie technology and unique USDA Food Pyramid analysis.

Starting with version 4.0 of our software, we incorporate a unique technology into many of our nutrition software products: the NutriGenie Automatic Menu Generator (AMG) technology. With this technology, the user can specify a daily caloric consumption level and instruct the program to automatically generate menus that are well-balanced and meet the desired caloric requirement.

The task of menu preparation can be quite tedious to health professionals who need to recommend different diets to a large number of people; or to individual users who have to follow certain restrictive diet but don't know what and how much they can eat.

NutriGenie AMG technology removes this difficulty: with a click of a button, a well-balanced menu is freshly created each time. None of the menus are pre-generated, and with a food database of approximately 8,000 items, users have literally millions of nutritious menus to choose from. [The menus generated for the evaluation version are not as varied because of the much smaller sample food database.]

The daily menus generated by NutriGenie, in almost all cases, are exactly at or within a few Calories of the requested caloric level. In addition, with the occasional exceptions in highly restrictive diets (below 1000 Calories/day), the menus generated are well-balanced and conform with the USDA Food Pyramid guidelines.


  • Database: 8,000 items plus user's own food database.
  • Analyses: RDA, calories, protein, carbohydrate, total fat, USDA Food Pyramid.
  • Features: caloric need calculator, search and sort capabilities, NutriGenie auto menu generator.
  • Price: $19

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