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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When I use the mouse button to adjust the amount of Yogurt to half a cup, why isn't [1 cup] changed to [.5 cup]?

A: The [1 cup] amount in the listbox is not changed to avoid confusion when further adjustments are made. For example, if [1 cup] is changed to [.5 cup], when you use the mouse to select .25 units, it's not clear whether you are selecting 1/4 of [1 cup] or 1/4 of [.5 cup].

  • If you look at the Food Weight, you will see the appropriate adjustment 0.5 u. (or .5 of the [1 cup] unit shown in the listbox). When you print the daily menus, the appropriate amount will be printed.
  • The food amount after your adjustment is automatically converted to grams and is displayed in the edit box above Amt. OK. [If you want to be extremely precise, you can enter the food's actual weight in grams in this edit box and click on Amt. OK to accept it.]

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