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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I edit nutrition data of a food item?

A: Use the Add Food or Recipe to Personal Database Dialog under the Database menu item.

To maintain the integrity of NutriGenie food database, edited items can only be added to user's personal food database.


An example of how to edit Barley soup nutrient data to reflect a low-sodium version:

Add Barley soup to an empty meal, then bring up the Add Recipe or Food to Personal Database dialog. Nutrition data in this dialog are prefilled with the meal's nutrient data. Change the Name to Barley soup low-sodium and adjust the Sodium value, then click on Add to store this entry in your personal food database.

Similar technique is used to add a recipe to the personal food database: add all ingredients of the recipe to an empty meal. Then bring up the Add Recipe or Food to Personal Database dialog. Give the recipe a name, its nutrition information is obtained and prefilled from the meal's nutrient data.

Please note that recipes added this way do not retain ingredient information. If you wish to retain ingredient information for future editing, you need to save the recipe using File... Save As...


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