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NutriGenie Lower High Blood Pressure for Windows


"Four of the six leading causes of death -- diabetes, heart disease, cancer and obesity -- are related to nutrition ... [but] many doctors don't ask questions about diet until the patient has a heart attack."
Dr. Steve Zeisel,
Chairman, Nutrition Department, University of North Carolina

Hypertension, the medical name for high blood pressure, is a common chronic medical problem in the United States responsible for a major portion of cardiovascular disease.

The success in the control of hypertension is generally credited to a combination of improved detection and the use of antihypertensive medication. However, the implications of long-term drug therapy for millions of Americans are unknown. There are documented side effects of the antihypertensive drugs. Thiazide diuretics, for example, can induce short-term increases in serum cholesterol, low density lipoproteins (LDL), and triglyceride levels in some people. These and other risks of drug therapy call attention to the potential benefits of nonpharmaceutical treatment of high blood pressure.

Currently, three non drug methods--weight control, alcohol restriction, and sodium restriction--are recommended as part of the treatment for established hypertension. These measures have also gained support as likely to aid in the prevention of high blood pressure, particularly for those at high risk.

This software is based on the report of the Joint National Committee on Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Pressure. It is an excellent tool to complement any treatment for hypertension. NutriGenie Lower High Blood Pressure is the most sophisticated and comprehensive dietary management system available. Whether you follow the carbohydrate counting approach, or fat gram counting, or ADA food exchange system for weight control, this program will save you many hours of tedious planning and record keeping. New and unique features to organize food database make food selection a breeze: user can hide and reshow foods, assign them to various food groups or meals, search, sort and selectively print nutrients. No other nutrition software on the market gives users comparable insight into their diet.

In particular, the program provides the unique analysis of K Factor in your diet: Intakes of potassium and sodium have been shown to correlate more strongly to blood pressure than any other dietary factor. The K Factor (ratio of potassium to sodium) is a remarkably useful approach to detect the potassium-sodium imbalance in your diet.

NutriGenie Lower High Blood Pressure is also an excellent tool for monitoring your nutrition when you follow the DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) from the National Institutes of Health. See also our companion software: The DASH Diet.

In addition, adequate consumption of omega-3 fatty acids has been shown to cause significant fall in blood pressure. Registered users of this program receives Omega-3 Counter for Windows which contains a database of foods having highest concentration of omega-3.

  • Database: 8,000 items plus user's own food database
  • Analyses: RDA, calories, protein, carbohydrate, total fat, cholesterol, sodium, fiber, potassium and calcium, USDA food pyramid, K Factor.
  • Features: blood pressure tracker, weight log, diet history, cholesterol profiler, weight control planner, body mass index, caloric need and caloric expenditure calculators, target heart rate calculator, caloric and nutrient distribution analyzer, search and sort capabilities, convenient food database editing and organizing tools, NutriGenie auto menu generator.
  • Other: the program Omega-3 Counter is included (at no extra charge) in the registered version of this package.
  • Price: $49


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