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NutriGenie Omega Rx Zone Diet Software for Windows

NutriGenie's latest zone diet software is the perfect companion to Barry Sears' Omega Rx Zone, as well as Mastering the Zone, Zone Food Blocks, and the Top 100 Zone Foods.

In fact, NutriGenie Omega Rx Zone Diet Software significantly enhances the Omega Rx Zone diet as prescribed by Sears. Please read on and you will see how. The basic plan of Sears' Omega Rx Zone can be summarized in the following steps:

  • Step 1: Every meal starts with an adequate serving of low-fat protein.
  • Step 2: Balance the meal with desirable carbohydrates, mainly fruits and vegetables.
  • Step 3: Add monounsaturated fat while avoiding saturated and polyunsaturated fats.
  • And the most important part of Sears' updated dietary program (Omega Rx Zone as opposed to Zone) is the increased intake of omega-3 fatty acids for modulation of eicosanoids.

NutriGenie Omega Rx Zone Diet automatically calculates the Protein, Carbohydrate and Fat blocks for every food item, whether it is in the provided NutriGenie database or in user's own food database, facilitating the task of balancing a zone meal. This takes care of steps 1 and 2. In fact, balancing a zone meal is made even easier by NutriGenie's graphic indicators which display the current zone status of your meal:

Zone diet evaluator Zone diet evaluator Zone diet evaluator Zone diet evaluator

NutriGenie Omega Rx Zone Diet also allows user to accurately monitor the saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat contents of every meal. This takes care of step 3.

For the final step, NutriGenie Omega Rx Zone Diet package includes an Omega-3 Counter Windows program that lists approximately 250 common foods with highest concentration of Omega-3. Andrew Stoll, M.D., Director of the Psychopharmacology Research Lab at Boston's McLean Hospital and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, long ago found that Omega-3 acids, already known for their importance in preventing heart disease and cancer, play a crucial role in mental health— regulating and enhancing mood, sharpening memory, and even aiding concentration and learning. This substance, so essential to our health is often depleted by our Western diet and lifestyle. In addition to these potential benefits, Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown, in several studies, to help fight atherosclerosis and lower blood cholesterol levels. Instead of having to take artificial supplements, you can use NutriGenie Omega-3 Counter to identify and acquire the richest natural sources of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Furthermore, since Glycemic Index (GI) is a key factor in evaluating high-quality carbohydrates for the zone diet, NutriGenie Omega Rx Zone Diet software provides the GI ratings (low, medium or high) for over 2,500 commonly used food items in its database. This is the most comprehensive glycemic index rating compilation available in any software product. We aggregate GI measurements from the most authoritative sources and normalize the ratings into 3 categories: low, medium and high. Users can assign and modify the ratings for any foods in the NutriGenie database or in their own database. With a single command, the user can see all foods in the appropriate GI category for selection. Menu planning using desirable GI foods has never been easier. NutriGenie Omega Rx Zone Diet software is the only software that can analyze your diet and tell you precisely its calorie percentage from low, medium or high GI foods. This is the most meaningful way to assess the glycemic index of one's nutrition.

Finally, NutriGenie Omega Rx Zone Diet goes beyond what Sears describes in his books. A healthy diet, zone or any other kind, must be varied. One shouldn't subsist on Zone bars, day in and day out, no matter how zone-balanced they are. A healthy diet, zone or any other kind, must provide adequate vitamins and minerals required for proper functioning and development of human body.

NutriGenie Omega Rx Zone Diet provides crystal clear quality assessments of total fat, vitamin and mineral contents of user's diet.

NutriGenie Omega Rx Zone Diet also provides star ratings for evaluating overall diet quality. Each diet is given a rating from 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest in quality. Our ratings take into account the latest guidelines issued in September 2002 by the Institute of Medicine, the medical division of the National Academies.

The latest guidelines establish for the first time a range of recommended amounts (Dietary Reference Intakes or DRIs) for macronutrients — proteins, fats and carbohydrates — and also include advice on how much dietary fiber and how little cholesterol or saturated fat people should strive for to maintain good health. Previous reports from the National Research Council over the last 60 years have dealt only with recommended levels (RDAs) of vitamins and minerals. See also: How NutriGenie software evaluates diet quality.

As software publisher, NutriGenie does not promote or make judgment on any specific diet. We only provide the tools for our users to monitor their nutrition. The only nutrition principles we consistently present in our software so that our users have a basis for comparison are those from the National Institutes of Health and from members of the US National Academies such as the Institute of Medicine, the National Research Council and the National Academy of Sciences.

  • Database: 8,000 items plus user's own food database
  • Analyses: RDA, calories, protein, carbohydrate, total fat, saturated fat, monounsaturated fat, polyunsaturated fat, glycemic index, zone blocks.
  • Features: weight log, diet history, blood pressure log, cholesterol profiler, weight control planner, body mass index, caloric need and caloric expenditure calculators, target heart rate calculator, caloric and nutrient distribution analyzer, search and sort capabilities. Excellent food database management utilities, personal food groups, hide and unhide foods. Personal nutrient intake goals. Descriptive analyses of daily diet for fat, vitamin and mineral contents. Star ranking of overall diet quality.
  • Requirement: screen resolution of 960 x 720 or higher.
  • Download free evaluation software before purchasing:
  • Review: software delivery options and additional order information
  • Price: $52 (Omega-3 Counter for Windows included)
  • Special Offer: $42 (offer available for a limited time only)
  • Special upgrade offer:
    Registered users of other NutriGenie programs can upgrade to Omega Rx Zone at special prices:

    from Zone Nutrition Professional


    from Zone Diet Meal Planner


    from any other NutriGenie program


    To receive the upgrade price, please email us for special order link. For a limited time, we will also deduct $10 from the upgrade prices listed above.
  • Special package offer:
    You don't need to buy more than one of our Zone software. However, we do offer special package deal if you wish to purchase them in combination since each program is slightly different in features from one another. Do not order any combination package unless you've carefully reviewed each program to make sure its addition is worthwhile. The full version of these programs runs on all existing versions of desktop Windows from 95 to 2000 and XP.
  • Special Offer: $20 off list price at check out (limited time offer)





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