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NutriGenie Sports Nutrition for Windows

This program is under development for future release.

Proper nutrition can mean the difference between winning and losing. This program analyzes your diet for optimal intake of nutrients that have been shown to directly affect one's mental and physical capabilities. Ideal for athletes, students, and any professionals whose responsibilities demand the best from them and for those who need to perform at their peak potential day in and day out.

With Sports Nutrition, NutriGenie introduces the most sophisticated tool for nutritional analysis available: nutrient density measurement.

The National Research Council of the United States National Academy of Sciences established the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) as "the levels of intake of essential nutrients that, on the basis of scientific knowledge, are judged by the Food and Nutrition Board to be adequate to meet the known nutrient needs of practically all healthy persons." NutriGenie nutrient density measurement (NDM) technology evaluates the nutrient contents (protein, vitamins and minerals) of every food item and gives it a standardized rating based on its contribution towards meeting the RDA.
Nutrient density is a valuable concept particularly useful to those who wish to easily identify nutritious foods (as opposed to foods having empty calories). Without a nutrient density value, it is not easy to determine whether one fruit is more 'nutritious' than another, for example. NutriGenie NDM technology provides the utmost flexibility in measuring the nutrient density of a food, a meal or a day's diet. The user can choose to measure nutrient density using only the vitamin contents, or only minerals or any combination of the 20 or so vitamins and minerals whose RDA have been established.

No other nutrition software that we know of offers this valuable feature. Further information about this unique technology will be provided in the Sports Nutrition software manual.



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