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NutriGenie Zone Diet Meal Planner Software for Windows

This zone diet software is an excellent companion to The Zone, A Dietary Road Map by Barry Sears, Ph.D. The software analyzes your diet using macronutrient blocks and can automatically generates Zone-favorable meals using the foods you like. Every meal has graphic Zone indicator which obviates the need for tedious calculation to achieve desirable protein - carbohydrate ratio. This is one of the best zone diet software published by NutriGenie.

In the early days, Barry Sears himself asked us for a copy of this software to use at his company Eicotech.

See also 50 Zone-Favorable Meals and our newer Zone Nutrition Professional and Omega Rx Zone.

  • Database: 8,000 items plus user's own food database
  • Analyses: RDA, calories, protein, carbohydrate, total fat, saturated fat, monounsaturated fat, Protein Block, Carbohydrate Block, Fat Block.
  • Features: weight log, diet history, cholesterol profiler, weight control planner, body mass index, caloric need and caloric expenditure calculators, target heart rate calculator, caloric and nutrient distribution analyzer, search and sort capabilities, convenient food database editing and organizing tools.
  • Related software: Mother of All Diets , Omega Rx Zone
  • Price: $39


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