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NutriGenie Zone Nutrition Professional for Windows

NutriGenie Zone Nutrition Professional is the ultimate companion to The Zone, A Dietary Road Map and Mastering the Zone by Barry Sears. The software analyzes your diet using macronutrient blocks as well as convenient household units. Every meal has a graphic Zone sign which obviates the need for tedious calculation to achieve desirable protein - carbohydrate ratio. A glance at the sign will tell you whether your meal is Zone-favorable.

In addition, the program provides a unique glycemic index (GI) indicator for over 500 common foods as well as Zone-favorable, co-factor and antioxidant food filters that let you quickly select appropriate foods. One single mouse click will show you all high, medium, or low GI foods in the database. You can assign or re-assign GI values to any foods including your own. No other nutrition software provides this functionality.

NutriGenie zone diet software is for the informed and sophisticated users. It calculates your macronutrient requirements based on the zone diet but also provides the U.S. Recommended Dietary Allowances for comparison. Users can set their own nutrient intake preferences and the program's superb graphic interface makes identifying an optimal diet a breeze.

Barry Sears wrote:
"The dietary technology required to reach the Zone is as precise as any computer technology" (The Zone, p. 3) and
"What is a Zone-favorable diet? It's a diet in which the balance of macronutrients--protein, carbohydrate, and fat--is tightly controlled: every meal, every snack, every day." (The Zone, p. 38)
So you can employ the hit-or-miss approach to the Zone, or you can stay consistently on target with the help of NutriGenie software.

  • Database: 8,000+ items plus user's own food database
  • Analyses: RDA, calories, protein, carbohydrate, total fat, saturated fat, monounsaturated fat, fiber, vitamin E, vitamin C, carotenes, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, magnesium, zinc, Protein Block, Carbohydrate Block, Fat Block, glycemic index.
  • Features: weight log, diet history, cholesterol profiler, weight control planner, body mass index, caloric need and caloric expenditure calculators, target heart rate calculator, caloric and nutrient distribution analyzer, search and sort capabilities, convenient food database editing and organizing tools.
  • Other:
  • Related software: Mother of All Diets , Omega Rx Zone
  • Price: $52
  • Special offer:
    Registered users of Zone Diet Meal Planner version 4.4 can purchase this program for $20.
    To receive this discount, please email us for special order form.

    See also Zone Diet Meal Planner version 4.4

    Differences between Zone Diet Meal Planner 4.4 and Zone Nutrition Professional 4.7
    Zone Nutrition Professional is a newer and more comprehensive package. It has all features of Zone Diet Meal Planner except the automenu generator.
    Additional features in Zone Nutrition Professional are:
    1. analysis of antioxidants: carotenes, vitamin E and vitamin C
    2. analysis of co-factors: vitamin B3, vitamin B6, zinc and magnesium
    The antioxidants and co-factors listed above are "important for successful eicosanoid modulation" (The Zone, Chapter 10).
    3. analysis of fiber
    4. glycemic index indicator for over 500 hundred individual food items
    User can assign glycemic index values to all foods in database.
    5. Sugar Contents of Foods for Windows is included in the registered version of Zone Nutrition Professional.
    This sugar analysis program is particularly useful to those who wish to evaluate the glycemic index of food based on glucose, galactose and fructose contents.
    6. zone-favorable, antioxidant and co-factor food filters

    Which program should I choose?
    If any of the above features are important to you, you should select Zone Nutrition Professional. Otherwise, Zone Diet Meal Planner is a good choice although its automenu generator is somewhat complicated to use.
    If cost is a factor: Zone Diet Meal Planner costs $39 while Zone Nutrition Professional costs $52.



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