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Order Information

Before ordering, please note that:

  • Because of frequent updates, none of our software comes with printed manual. Our software manual is provided in either Adobe PDF or Windows help format and can be printed by the user as needed.

  • Because free evaluation copies of all of our products are available for downloading, we do not accept returns. The evaluation software is, in almost all respects, identical to the full version except that it has a small sample food database of approximately 800 items. Since there are many sophisticated features in our software, please spend as much time as you wish to evaluate the software before ordering.

  • Free technical support is provided via email or by phone. US customers will be given a toll-free number for tech support.

  • Order is normally processed within 1 business day. Please check your email for confirmation and download information after ordering. Please note that the default delivery mode is by downloading. If you wish to receive the software on CD, please let us know and note that there is an additional $5 shipping fee for US addresses.

Payment Options

We accept credit card or check payment through PayPal. Just click on the Add to Cart button at the bottom of each product description page.


  • users can pay us via gift certificates.
  • We also accept orders by postal mail.

If you wish to use any of these alternative payment options and are entitled to discounted price for upgrading, please email us first for additional information.

Software Delivery

Currently, the default delivery of our software is by downloading. Therefore, we no longer charge delivery fee when you purchase our software.

For software delivery by downloading:

  • We will email you downloading information within 24 hours of receiving your order.
  • The downloading process is not automated. I.e., you do not download immediately after payment.



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