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Sample Screenshot from Optimal Nutrition

This is a partial image (lower left quadrant) of the Optimal Nutrition main window.

From left to right, top to bottom:

  • Glycemic Index analysis: 41% of diet's calories are from low GI foods, 15% and 23% from medium and high GI foods respectively. 21% of calories are from foods unassigned to any GI categories.
  • Food Guide Pyramid analysis: the diet is well balanced.
  • Daily Diet Quality: see Diet Quality Analysis for complete info.
  • Nutrient list: the software analyzes the contents of nearly 30 nutrients. Except for the 3 macro-nutrients Protein, Carbohydrate and Total Fat, the user can choose to display all, some or none of the other nutrients. Similar flexibility is available for printing.
  • Food: the selected food item in current meal has low GI rating, almost 70% of its calories are from protein, nearly 30% from fat and little from carbohydrate (each gray or white block represents 10%). Two units of this food item (2.0 u.) are consumed. The calorie intake is 121 Calories which requires 13 minutes of tennis to dispose of. Protein, carbohydrate and total fat weights are 17, 1 and 4 grams, respectively.
  • Meal and Day: numerical and bar graph analyses similar to Food.
  • Goal: the numerical values are percentages of RDAs that the diet contains. These values are converted to color coded bar graphs for ease of evaluation: green means within acceptable range, yellow below, magenta above and red well above.


Screenshots from Mother of All Diets

Nutrient Distribution and Detailed Food Guide Pyramid Analysis Screenshots


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