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NutriGenie 50 Zone-Favorable Meals for Windows


To enter the Zone, every meal of your daily diet should be Zone-favorable. Without appropriate tools, designing Zone-favorable meals is a tedious and error-prone task. Barry Sears states in his book Enter the Zone: "The dietary technology required to reach the Zone is as precise as any computer technology." If Zone dieters are not accurate in meal planning, they cannot be sure if they are in the Zone or not. NutriGenie has prepared a set of Zone-favorable menus for the convenience of the registered users of our Zone Diet Meal Planner software for Windows.

This menu collection contains 50 carefully prepared Zone-favorable meals (breakfasts, lunches, dinners and some snacks). The menus use common foods and do not require any specially-packaged products. Users can easily edit these menus, then copy and paste them to generate dozens of other Zone-favorable meals. The daily menus and dietary analysis can also be printed and used as shopping list.

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  • Features: Zone-favorable meals for 2 weeks: daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and some snacks.
  • Requirements: Registered version of NutriGenie Zone Diet Meal Planner or Zone Nutrition Professional
  • Price: $0


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